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2009 Campus Energy and Water Conservation Campaign Website

The purpose of the Campus Energy and Water Conservation Campaign is to foster awareness of sustainability on the UC Berkeley campus and encourage conservation behavior by members of the Cal community.  Many students, faculty, and staff are willing to practice conservation behavior, but may not know what to do or where to turn for sustainability information. The outreach materials in this campaign will provide a series of green tips to inform the campus audience of what they can do to conserve, and at the same time point them to more information on sustainability. This project will provide the campus with strategic outreach for sustainability, communicate the importance of sustainable behavior to a broad array of audiences, and work to foster a lasting culture of sustainability on the Berkeley campus.

Who: Through a CACS-funded internship, Facilities Services and the Office of Sustainability have worked with UC Berkeley students Marshall Geck (senior: energy and water outreach intern) and Chad Kunert (junior: graphic designer) to design a Campus Energy and Water Conservation Campaign under the heading "WATCH US GO GREEN.".

What: We have added our own green twist to a few retro World War I and World War II propaganda posters, and have included several green tips to encourage students, faculty, and staff to conserve energy and water while on campus.

Where: Smaller versions of these posters (4" x 6") will be put up in library study carrels. Larger posters (11" x 17") will be put up in major department break rooms and copy rooms. They are also available for printing below or at

PDFs For Printing:

Links: Green Resources Energy Conservation Resources
  • Schedule an Energy Audit with PG&E
  • Find out Where to Get Deals on Compact Flourescent Lamps!
  • Find out Where to Get Smart Strips!
  • Water Conservation Resources

  • Schedule a Free Water Audit with EBMUD
  • Free Water-Efficient Showerheads and Faucet Aeraters
  • Report Leaky Faucets and Toilets on Campus (Campus Leak Hotline is 510-643-0890).
  • Physical Plant Water Hotline or Do It Yourself
















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